• Will you help me find a web host?

    Of course! It's important to pick the right web host because of the various extras that can go along with web space that you purchase for your web site.

  • Can you suggest a good web host?

    Our first suggestion is US! We can take the frustration out of billing and technical details of web hosting for you. My second suggestion is to look in your local newspaper or contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  • How do I get my own web site address (domain name)?

    You'll need to go online to a web site that offers the sale of web domain names. A few suggestions are directNIC.com, GoDaddy.com, Register.com, etc. There are wide variety of places to purchase your domain name, just find a place that you like. We recommend GoDaddy.com or directNIC.com

  • Will you help me get my own web site address?

    Certainly. We will be more than happy to handle the whole process of finding a web host (or us), registering your domain name, and designing your site.

  • I just need a professional email address right now; can you help?

    Yes! If you just need a professional looking email address for your business needs (something other than @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, etc.) we can assist you with this, as well. Simply purchase your domain (or we can help with this) and we will get you setup with your professional email address within a short amount of time.

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